If you’ve been keeping track of the current financial news, it’d be impossible to miss the word “Bitcoin.” Undoubtedly, Bitcoins, and additional cryptocurrencies can’t be ignored anymore. Since its presentation in 2009, one Bitcoin soared to a whopping $20,000, and left most folks to wonder whether it’ll continually rise or fall. Bitcoin’s value dramatically can change in a matter of weeks.

Within this post, we’ll take a look into how Bitcoin and additional cryptocurrencies are fulfilling prophecy. Is this cryptocurrency mentioned in the Bible? If so, what does the Bible state about it? More importantly, what should Christians be focusing on?

Mark of the Beast and Bitcoin
Bitcoin is, without a doubt, popular right now, which leads most Bible students to speculate the role Bitcoin may play in fulfilling prophecy.

The cryptocurrency is merely one of the by-products of the prophesy of Daniel thousands of years ago, in which he made a prediction about an increase in knowledge.

We have indeed seen how humans have astronomically increased in knowledge, in ways beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve accomplished technological breakthroughs which weren’t conceivable just 100 years ago.

Bitcoin: it’s amongst the ways we’re reinventing how we perform business transactions and process finances. It’s a revolutionary way to buy and sell and if the method gets into the hands of an elite circle, it might grant them powerful and tremendous control.

Could it be used to fulfill the Mark of the Beast prophecy?
We must recognize that the Beast’s primary platform includes promoting wealth, prosperity, and abundance to all people. They only are able to accomplish this if they’re able to control all people’s financial behavior, from a personal to a national level. And that is what’s certain to happen.

What should Christians be concerned about?
The Bible is not clear how the Beast is going to accomplish this goal. But, one thing is for sure: the ones who compromise their Christian principles and values will obtain the Mark of the Beast. While the majority of folks believe that the mark is something which might be physically seen inside people’s body and I do not take away that possibility, I’m confident to state that the mark is going to come with spiritual elements.

At the end, it’s actually not Bitcoin we should be concerned with. IT’S OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. There’ll come a period when a world-ruling government decisively will intervene, as well as persecute the real worshipers of God and do everything in its power to sway most of the world’s population to be a part of a counterfeit religion.

What must Christians do then?
An increasing amount of folks are placing their faith in this cryptocurrency. But, a time will come when it’ll be worthless like silver and gold. And after all is said and done, only one thing is going to matter – your relationship with God and Christ.

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