If Californian liberal lawmakers have their way, the state might be closer to becoming unrecognizable as a portion of the U.S. A bill now pending within the legislature essentially would ban selling books which include Christian-faith views on sexuality and marriage.


Surprisingly, the law even could make it unlawful to sell a Bible, as it contains verses the left deems unacceptable.


According to the National Review, Bill 2943 could make it an ‘unlawful practice’ to be involved in transactions which result in the lease or sale of services or goods to any person’ that advertises or engages in gender orientation change efforts with someone.


That is a ton of legal jargon to digest; therefore, let’s do a breakdown. Basically, what it states is that all things which may be viewed as attempting to impact someone’s sex orientation could be unlawful to offer or sell.


Then, the bill goes on to explain ‘gender orientation change efforts’ as ‘a practice which seeks to change someone’s sexual orientation. That includes efforts at changing gender-oriented expressions or behaviors, or to reduce or eliminate romantic or sexual feelings or attractions toward same sex individuals,’ the National Review added.


For instance, take Rom.1:26 – 27. The verse refers to homosexuality as “shameful” and encourages those of Christian faith to not act in that way.


You do not even need to particularly agree with the verses in the Bible that mention homosexuality to see the issue. Efforts such as the proposed bill are representative of dangerous slippery slopes which could utilize the legislature to make an attack on traditional beliefs, and mainstream views which disagree with the agenda by the far left.


Even political moderates and non-Christians must fight against this new string of suppression before a twenty-first-century iron curtain makes an appearance. After all, free speech is everyone’s fight.