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We all know that Christmas is a time of celebration in most parts of the world. Nigeria is no exception. Both in the United States and in Nigeria, people celebrate the birth of Christ and then share gifts and visit friends and relatives. And who can forget the joy of eating special holiday treats and of being thankful for a successful end of the year?

In the United States, the vast majority of children receive many, many holiday presents. But in Nigeria, many kids, especially those who are orphans, receive barely anything.

Can you imagine a less-privileged child who has no shoes and only one set of clothes to wear to both church and at home? This is the reality for many children in Nigeria.

The holiday season is also called the season of giving. We may be in the position to give a little, or we may be in the position to give a lot. It really doesn’t matter. But giving something is what matters. God commands us to do something for those who are less fortunate. We need to heed his call.

This year, as in past years, LLEM International is asking you to help us give to those who have nothing.

Each year, LLEM International works to bless the children in poor and rural areas with a special Christmas Care Pack. Many of these children are orphans. The contents are tailored to the needs of children in this poverty-stricken region.

“Jesus sent a pastor to help me … and [he] took care of me. … Though I am an orphan, I don’t feel that I am an orphan because Jesus and His people are with me always.” EMMA, AGE 10

“I thanked Jesus for the gifts you sent for me. I can’t show your gifts to my parents, but I remembered them. Thank you so much for your love for me.”

You can share the love of Christ with our young Christian brothers and sisters--children like Emma, David and Amir. Your sponsorship of a care pack will be such a gift. The packs include the following items:
● School supplies
● Clothing
● Hygiene items
● A new toy
● A children’s Bible

Can you please set aside a few dollars this holiday season and take this opportunity to show your love at this time? A less privileged or orphan child needs our God-inspired intervention. Imagine a child who does not have anyone to call their father or mother. They do not have the luxury of having a parent to cry to and do not have anyone to show them parental love.

A new study from UCLA suggests that a loving parental figure may alter neural circuits in children, which may influence their health throughout their lifespan. On the flip side, the negative impacts of childhood abuse or lack of parental affection take a mental and physical toll on children. These effects can last a lifetime.

Getting to know Amaka

Let me introduce you to Amaka. She was born into a single-parent home, and her mother is now sick. Amaka has only one set of clothes, and she is not currently in school. She needs a monthly sponsor to bring love and financial stability into her life. Amaka is crying out for help. Without your support, she will feel very little love during this festive holiday season. I know you are in a position to put a smile on Amaka’s face. Are you ready to help her experience the love and kindness she deserves?

A Founder’s Perspective As the founder of LLEM International, it breaks my heart to watch children like Amaka go without. This is the reason we do what we are doing to help her and hundreds of children like her. Our organization strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Won’t you help make this holiday special for this little girl and others like her?
A relatively small donation from you will have a big impact:
With a donation of $90, you can purchase a holiday pack for a child.
Not ready to purchase a full kit? Here are some other great options:

  • With your one-time donation of $15, a child will get a brand new Christmas toy.
  • With your one-time donation of $25, a child will have a winter jacket and a brand-new toy.
  • With your one-time donation of $75, you will help provide Christmas toys to five children who do not have sponsors yet.
  • What about school uniforms? With your one-time donation of $100, a child will receive two new sets of school uniforms and a new pair of shoes.
  • With your one-time donation of $150, you will help provide brand new Christmas toys to ten children who do not have sponsors yet.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for demonstrating loving kindness to children who have nothing.

We stand with you believing that as you give to others it will be given to you—pressed down, shaken together and running over (Luke 6:38). Your gift makes a difference!