ay 2nd, 2018

Dear partners,

The Heart 4 Clean Water Celebration Event was a smashing success. For those that attended, I want to say, thank you very much for coming to celebrate with us at our April 27, 2018 event, which was to support activities in the community of Agu Na Ebere. Thank you so much for attending and for your interest in the Agu Na Ebere project. I’m so touched by your interest in the project and your interest in changing lives.

At the heart for clean water event, we were able to raise $7760 for this project including cash and pledges. Thanks to all our partners and donors who made this possible.

The contract for the well drilling has been awarded to Okaydrill Borehole Nigerian Ltd. and work is set to begin by next week. However, we have not reached our goal for this community, consequently, we will continue to push until all the goals are met.

If you haven’t already donated to our program to support the creation of a community well and a care packages, now is your chance! Please visit our website to learn further details and to donate. https://lleminternational.com/agu-na-ebere-project/

In the next few weeks and months, I will keep you posted about our activities in Agu Na Ebere. Thank you again for your support.

At this event, I shared the story why I started up LLEM International and why I’m considering Agu Na Ebere for this special project. If you missed it, I hope there would be another opportunity for you to hear my story.

Thank you again for making this event a success. May God bless you!