Dear Partner,

I sincerely want to thank you for being a blessing to us and to the work that God has called us to do in Nigeria. I want to let you know that you are really an answer to my prayers. Thank you for your heart for others. I’m thankful to God for giving you a heart for sharing and for being a blessing to others with what He has blessed you with. My prayer for you is that God will continue to bless you.

I’m grateful to God for what He has done through all of us in Agu Na Ebere. Now Agu Na Ebere has clean water. This is the time to celebrate the victory. This is a demonstration that we can change any situation with the power that God has given us. When we put our efforts, strength and resources together, we can make a lasting effect and change.

The water we have in Agu Na Ebere is not just an ordinary water; it’s a “Living Water.” There is a testimony to this well that the engineer shared, an experience that they had drilling this well, which was perhaps not a common occurrence. The engineers shared that they were astonished at the site and with an experience that they have never had in their 10 years of well drilling. According to them, they usually spend four hours flushing the well system after hitting the underground water (that is letting the water run for about four hours before getting to the drinkable water). He said that in the case of Agu Na Ebere, they were anticipating about five to six hours of flushing since they had to go very deep to get to the water. However, to their great surprise, crystal clear water started flowing after about an hour of flushing the system, which, to them, was a miracle in a place like that community. More so, they said that it seemed that there was a rock and a spring underground that was waiting to be tapped, which was producing a spring of crystal clear water.


Living Water in Agu Na Ebere – Well construction part 1 (Video)

According to our on-ground team, they said that the community has never been as happy as they are at this time. It’s very hard for me to perfectly articulate the joy that we have caused in this community of Agu Na Ebere. I personally want to thank you once again. You are a true blessing.

In fact, this is what it means to be the light. Your light has shone and will shine forever in this community. They will remain forever grateful. Thank you. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you and without your generous support to LLEM.

The impact this is making is bigger even than what I thought it would be. We had estimated that the well would serve 6,000 people in Agu Na Ebere, but the current situation is that people from the neighboring villages are also coming to our well, which is currently the only source of clean water in this area. Now we are trying to figure out how best to decongest the well site as it will be the site of a lot of traffic. We are evaluating some data to know if we will have to pipe the water to other locations or drill other wells at other locations to help the many people that need clean water. Can you imagine the impact you have made? I think it’s more than what you might readily comprehend. But in all of it, may God be glorified.

We at LLEM are super excited.  We want you to celebrate with us because without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. As a matter of fact, we are even preparing to take this victory a step further. We want to improve the hygienic condition of the people of Agu Na Ebere. We want to show them that even though the Nigerian government may forget them, yet God has not and will never forget them. With our collective effort, this community will experience love first-hand. Now it’s time to move forward with the second phase of this project — hygiene and care packages, to give care packages and hygiene products to the people of Agu Na Ebere. The goal is to improve the living and sanitary conditions of the awesome people of this community. I know that with your support God will make it possible for His glory.

Finally, may God bless you for your continued support to this great cause. Together, we will bring life and hope to this community to show the love of Jesus in that place.  Click Here For More Updates.