As we are carefully continuing to monitor the developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we are writing to share the actions that LLEM International is taking to protect our community and staff.

The number one priority of the organization in keeping everyone safe, is to maintain social distancing.

At LLEM International, we are agreeing to commit to the five steps to prevent coronavirus spread. These five steps include:

  • Hands- washing them often
  • Elbow- cough into it and elbow tap
  • Face- don’t touch it
  • Feet- stay at least 3ft apart
  • Feel- if you feel sick, please stay home

As always, we are praying for our country during this time of stress and outbreak. We hope you are taking necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe.

Let’s continue to pray for those that this virus has hit hard.

We love you!


LoveGod Enyinna