A mom witnesses her daughter snort cocaine and have sex in the most recent season of the dystopian television series Black Mirror. That is after the mother installed parental controls not just on a smartphone, yet on everything her daughter watches.


The co-founder of Sentry Parental Control an Israeli start-up company, stated that this start-up’s smartphone app isn’t the same thing.


The television show depicts the addictive allure of having the ability to keep track of a youngster’s GPS location, as well as read flagged texts, partially what the app Sentry Parental Control provides.


Sentry Parental Control might sound as if it isn’t anything more than a violation of privacy. However, last month, the Israeli application alerted parents in Goodyear, AZ, that their thirteen-year-old son was involved in a sexual relationship with Brittany Zamora, his 27-year-old teacher.


The parents credited the app for flagging naked pictures and sexually explicit texts. The parents expressed a fear that without that application, the teacher would’ve continued sleeping with the boy.


Currently, the application is only offered on Android phones, as the company still is in bootstrap phase – which means it has yet to raise money.


Some 4,000 kids utilize the application and spend an average of 4 hours per day on their smartphone.


The application displays the battery status of a youngster’s phone, in order for the parent to alert her or him to charge it. Plus, a parent may control the sound/vibrate/mute setting, so they can contact their youngster in emergency situations.


In addition, Sentry Parental Control may send notifications if the youngster is calling someone outside of her or his address book, in conjunction with detailing the quantity of time that is spent on various applications.


Plus, the application boasts an image-detection success rate of over 92 percent, with a false positive rate of 1 percent to 2 percent. This means if you see 1,000 images, only 10 – 20 are, on average, flagged as suspicious.



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