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Sponsored Children- Lucy's Responses

Here is what one of our child sponsors Lucy has to say about her sponsored children:

“Below are pics of my “kids”— I sponsor two, Decency and Favor. I LOVE that Favor is holding my picture…. Decency has grown so healthy. I decided to send you BEFORE and AFTER pics. Decency and Favor have blossomed with sponsorship. How could anyone not see the impact of a sponsor?”

Before sponsorship

After sponsorship

Sponsored Children- Lucy's Responses

  1. How many years have you sponsored a child?How old is your child? What is the gender: Boy or girl?

I’ve been sponsoring a boy Decency Friday since August 2017-he is now 11 (DOB 7/24/09). I have been sponsoring Favor Enyinna, a 14 year old girl (10/31/06) since April 2018.

2. What are two benefits you enjoy from sponsoring a child? Please just give us two.

1-Knowing that I am giving them an opportunity to grow spiritually and academically in a region of the world where they have little opportunity without a sponsor. 2-Seeing their physical growth, their smiles, reading their letters that show not only their academic growth, but how much they understand the love of Christ.

3. How often do you communicate with your child? What do you know about him or her that you want to share?

Prior to COVID we would write letters 4-6 times a year; this past year only 2-3. Decency loves school, especially      Math and wants to be a preacher. His letters are what I would expect from an 11yo boy- the facts and to the point.

Favor calls me “Aunty”, writes very well with excitement in every word. She wants to be a physician, studies hard, asks me to pray for her so that the Lord will use her for his work. She signs her letters, “Your daughter in faith”.

4. How did you come to the decision to sponsor a child?

It was very easy, they needed sponsors, the financial cost of sponsoring a child is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. The benefit for them, this world and our heavenly kingdom is beyond any dollar value. I see Decency serving God by preaching and saving souls; Favor serving God by healing bodies while nourishing hearts and souls.

5. How did your love of Christ fit into your decision to be a sponsor?

There are so many people who have BIG hearts and want to provide opportunities for those who have none. Although my love of Christ played a part in my decision, my love of HIS children is why I am so passionate about every child having an opportunity to be the person God created them to be.

I would never want someone to turn away from sponsoring a child because they are not in the same place in their journey with Christ that I am. Their spiritual life will grow deeper as they witness what God is depositing in their sponsored child.

6. What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a sponsor?

DO IT! There is no reason not to. Can’t afford it? YES, YOU CAN! God will send you, your family and the child you sponsor blessings beyond belief. Look into your heart, pray for wisdom and the answer is there.