Volunteer Opportunities

You are our partner. We can’t do this work without God or without you. Please become a member of the VTeam. We want to use your unique gifts, talents and passions as a part of a service to humanity and as a way of giving back to the universe. It doesn’t matter where you are from; you can give back and you can make a difference.

You have a God-given potential within you––you hold a piece of the puzzle! Volunteering allows you to exercise your potential and advance the mission of God, hence enhancing the mission of LLEM.

There are many opportunities to become a member of the VTeam. This page will be updated from time to time as our needs change.

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Opportunities We Have At LLEM International Inc. To Get You Connected To The VTeam:

Administrative work

This involves office work including filing paperwork, data entry, phone reception, scheduling, and assisting staff as needed.


You can help spread our missionary work by becoming a member of our communications team. Help us market and promote our programs by developing marketing materials, engaging in public speaking, taking videos of our events, etc.

Social Media Liaison

Help forward a message of love and service to humanity through our social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Special Projects and Events

Join us in planning special events designed to spread the gospel of our work.

Care and Prayer Ministry

Help move people forward during difficult and challenging times by showing God’s love. We need volunteers to offer biblical guidance and spend time in prayer. Volunteers work behind the scenes by visiting hospitals, providing meals for shut-ins, doing crisis intervention, providing financial coaching, and by providing counseling. It also involves going out into our neighborhoods, sharing printed materials, and encouraging somebody who may be down or in need of encouragement.


Help us raise money for the advancement of our cause.

Specialist Help

We are looking for doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, business men, and laymen and women, to help in reaching out. We may even invite you to join one of our mission trips. Join us today.

If you're ready to get into the game, join us for the volunteer team orientation.

Call +1 (888) LLEM-INT [553-6468] or email vteam@lleminternational.com.

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