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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


Our ministry in Nigeria is targeted to serving the needs of orphans and the disabled. As of 2016, 50% of our global work is based in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the needs are so great throughout Africa that LLEM hopes to expand to other African countries. With your support and partnership, every donation you make in Africa is targeted to making a child’s life more meaningful and bringing them towards the light of Christ.

Accomplishments to date in Nigeria:

● The support of 45 orphans by providing food and clothes. These children are from Abayi Umocham, Aba in Abia State.
● In 2010, LLEM International provided medicine to de-worm 800 children in the Imo State of Nigeria. The success of this initiative led to similar programs being conducted in other Nigerian communities and has benefited over 2,000 Nigerian kids including orphans within the states of Abia, Nigeria.
● LLEM offered a free Bible correspondence course administered with the help of our U.S. partner, Lamp & Light Publisher, Inc. Over 4000 students have benefited by having access to these materials. 
● The support of Rod & Staff Christian Academy, a Christian nursery and primary school, which is located in a rural and poor community in Asa, Aba, Nigeria.

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In Nigeria:

● 50% of all money raised goes towards providing food for orphans and the disabled.
● 25% of all money raised goes towards providing clothing for orphans and the disabled.
● 25% of all money raised goes towards providing medical care for orphans and the disabled.

About the community we work in

Asa is a small, impoverished community in Aba, Nigeria which is somewhat abandoned. The people of Asa need help, and more so, need Christ. Most young people in this community have no direction, which has a historic significance.

Many young people from Asa grow into ‘area boys’ and violent men.  Early pregnancy is very prevalent in Asa, and innocent children are very vulnerable to being sexually exploited. This includes potentially becoming victims of sexual slavery.

God spoke directly to us and told us that that if we can reach the kids of Asa and impact their lives positively with the word of God, we will be blessed a thousand times over. Through our work, we will offer them a formal education to help change their lives. Through our work, we will not only change the future of the community, we will also produce great leaders and warriors. These educated leaders will transform the future of the community, Nigeria as a nation and Africa at large.


The Nigerian school LLEM supports is a place where less-privileged and disenfranchised children have the opportunity to receive a Christian education in an environment filled with love and care. At this school, each child feels appreciated and respected, irrespective of their family background. God loves all.  At our school, it doesn't matter who the children are or where they came from. The school provides an education with our Christian curriculum, in conjunction with the Nigerian government-approved curriculum. The combination of both these curricula turn kids into strong leaders who will stand out in their communities.  We need you to support our continued efforts to make our school great. We can't let these future leaders down.

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Meet Our Kids

Meet Precious (age 11). She lives in Nigeria Africa at one of the school LLEM International supports. Before LLEM got involved, Precious didn’t have enough clothes and she often had to wear the same clothes to school day-after day.  LLEM was able to buy Precious two new school uniforms and a set of clothes to wear to church. We were also able to provide  Precious, and 34 other orphans with some basic school supplies. Now Precious has her own notebook, a set of writing instruments and her own calculator. You can help many other kids in Nigeria just like Precious. Make a donation now!


This is Jansen (age 11). She is one of the kids LLEM has impacted in Nigeria. She  is one of the best students in her class. She is good in religious studies and likes to talk about Jesus. She said she wants to be a preacher. She is friendly and kind. She has three siblings and they live with their grandmother who is unemployed. Are you ready to help her become everything she can be?


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