Children need safety, opportunity, education, sanitation and clean water, nutrition, health care, and loving caregivers. LLEM International Inc. works to assist communities in filling these gaps for youth, and your donations make that possible. As we blend your support with donations from additional sponsors of youth within the same area, all of the kids benefit, due to their entire environment being transformed.

We repeatedly hear from currently sponsored kids how the knowledge that somebody far away helped them persevere, believed in them, and helped them to go further than they had hoped. Sponsoring youth means having a relationship with that child; however, it additionally means being part of something bigger than themselves.

Why Should You Sponsor a Child?

Most friendships begin through exchanging correspondence, both with kids and caregivers who are there to help if a sponsored child isn’t old enough to write. Via email and traditional mail, you will gain insight into a different culture through the eyes of that child. Sponsoring a young person means joining him or her on a path toward being the person she or he can be, offering inspiration all along the way. Being a part of that path also inspires you.

There are several reasons to sponsor a child – the simplest reason is that most kids are going to miss out on critical chances to free themselves of poverty and go on to lead fulfilling lives without a sponsors’ donation. To provide a child better future, give consideration to sponsoring a child for around $1 per day.

That support may change the world, just one child at a time, by offering hope and the opportunity for that young person to thrive. Make a difference and sponsor someone today.

Child Protection

Around the world, millions of kids of all cultures, religions, nationalities, and ages experience abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Oftentimes, poverty makes the issue worse because kids might not have the adult supervision and resources needed to be safe. An abusive environment, whether neighborhood, workplace, school, or home, keep youth from exercising their rights to education, health care, shelter, food, and much more. Then, children do not have the ability to reach their full potential, and the cycle of poverty goes on.

LLEM International Inc. works in the protection of children and concentrates on the distinct necessities of every age group and is shaped by community challenges, traditions, and values. We have the goal of raising public awareness of violence affecting children indirectly and directly, and work with kids and their loved ones to free themselves of dangerous practices such as forced labor, corporal punishment, as well as early marriage which perpetuates violence.

Why Does Your Sponsorship Matter?

Sponsoring a child pays eternal rewards. It takes little more than a dollar a day to sponsor a child with LLEM. Many families in the USA can spend as much on a single visit to a fast food restaurant as it takes to sponsor a child. The absence of that money each month will be far overshadowed by the impact that it will have on your sponsored child. Find out how you can sponsor a child here.