LLEM International

We seek to provide food, clothing, educational materials, and medical care to the less privileged in Africa.

Why Should You Sponsor A Child?

Sponsoring a child pays eternal rewards. It takes little more than a dollar a day to sponsor a child with LLEM.

We Need You

We value ALL and ANY donation. Be part of our global effort to make a difference. You can be a part of a child's future.

Heart For Clean Water Event

The Heart 4 Clean Water Celebration Event was a smashing success. We were able to raise $7760 for this project including cash and pledges. Thanks to all our partners and donors who made this event possible.


We value ALL and ANY donations
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Agu Na Ebere Water Project

Be part of our effort to solve the Water and Hygiene Crisis
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Meet our Kids

Be part of a child's future
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About LLEM International

Global Life Impartation

About us

LLEM International (EIN 81-1454115) is a 501 (c)(3) Christian MIssionary Organization with a mandate of reaching out to the basic needs of men, women and children. We aim to empower and impact lives. We present the word of God as a solution to global crisis. Our goal is to help as many hurting humans as we possibly can. We strive to eliminate human suffering and to express love as a fundemental element for human development and international cooperation. We provide food, clothing, educational materials and medical care to the less privileged throughout the world.

What We Believe

We believe that it’s not about what we can do on our own, it’s about what we all can do together to reach the world in sharing love and in making a difference in people’s life--but especially in the lives of children who face challenges such as lack of food, lack of clothing, and who lack access to high-quality medical care.


Mission Statement

The mission of LLEM International is to use God’s love and kindness as a way to solve the global crisis of poverty. We seek to engage God’s flock who want to work with us to alleviate human suffering. We want to bring more love to God’s children by providing food, clothes and shelter to poor children in Africa, Europe and the United States.

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