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LLEM is growing – and to keep broadening our horizons – we need your help. Scripture teaches us not to focus on what we see, which is temporary. But to look at things which are not seen – the eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). How’s your spiritual vision? Can you see what God is doing? We here at LLEM can! And we are excited to see that He has His hand on our organization. We are brought to our knees when we realize how He is demonstrating his love for the people of Nigeria. If you have a passion for reaching people for Christ, please read on; we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team.

Fundraising Chair

LLEM is searching for a volunteer Fundraising Chair who can spearhead a team to raise $25,000 this year. This person must be also be able to plan and execute special events. Since donor relations is key in fund development, people skills are a must. Our goal is to develop and nurture relationships with donors and encourage them to see the immense value in making frequent contributions to LLEM’s ministry. The Chair won’t have to do all the heavy lifting; we have a fundraising consultant on hand for assistance to help.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Assemble a 3-5 member fundraising advisory board to assist in fundraising activities. Host at least 3 fundraising-oriented meetings throughout 2020-2021.
  2. Collaborate with committee members to organize 2 house parties, approximately 6 months apart, with a fundraising goal of $2,500 each.
  3. Oversee the organization and implementation of at least one large-scale fundraising event with a goal to raise at least $20K.
  4. Identify 3-4 grant makers who might potentially want to support our fundraising efforts in Nigeria. Our grant writer, or the LLEM Executive Director, will write and submit the grant proposal.
  5. Participate in a monthly call with the LLEM Executive Director to update him about the status of all fundraising activities.

Marketing Chair

If you have a flair for marketing, then we have a need that may interest you: a volunteer position as our Marketing Chair. Are you ambitiously seeking ways to advance your marketing and communication skills? The ideal candidate will be responsible for raising awareness about LLEM’s programs and activities. The Chair will be tasked with developing a yearly calendar, and consult with the Executive Director to craft a monthly newsletter.  We are planning for the future here at LLEM and look forward to advancing on all platforms and using all tools necessary to enhance our digital and physical presence. Key Roles & Responsibilities: 

  1. Develop an annual marketing/communications plan and yearly marketing calendar.
  2. Collaborate with the LLEM Executive Director to plan content for the LLEM monthly newsletter.
  3. Create a list of marketing tools needed by LLEM International. This may include business cards, brochures, flyers, signage, and logos.
  4. Ensure high resolution photos are being taken at LLEM International events in Nigeria and in the United States to capture our ministry’s efforts. Ensure each image is saved in in cloud environment for later posting on social media and in LLEM marketing materials.
  5. Supervise the production of the LLEM annual report.

Volunteer Service Coordinator

For those with a more tech-driven talent, we have a need for you, too! We are looking for a Volunteer Service Coordinator. LLEM would like a database of all the volunteers and opportunities within to be created and maintained. This is a great position for someone who is meticulous about recordkeeping and passionate about identifying and recruiting volunteers to help organizations meet their philanthropic goals. Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Create and maintain an up-to-date volunteer database of interested volunteers.
  2. Ensure accurate job descriptions for each volunteer activities.
  3. Provide a short volunteer orientation for new volunteers (LLEM will provide the content for the orientation session). Volunteer orientations should be conducted 2-3 times annually, depending on the number of volunteers recruited.
  4. Match volunteer interests to potential volunteer opportunities.

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Finally, LLEM is keeping an eye out for a Youth Engagement Coordinator. This individual will help engage youth in exciting projects so they can help us raise money for our African-based programs. Our target age group is 9 through 17. The coordinator will be responsible for introducing youth pastors and non-denominational youth program leaders to LLEM International and presenting them with ideas for fundraising and service projects. This is a perfect way to influence youth for Christ through creative fundraising projects.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Meet with youth pastors in local churches with the goal of introducing them to LLEM International.
  2. Provide youth pastors with creative fundraising ideas for youth-based projects students can undertake in their own communities. This will be carried out by sharing/distributing LLEM’s “Guide to Youth Engagement” manual.
  3. Identify and then connect with non-denominational youth programs. Determine whether or not they may want to undertake service projects, and donate the funds to LLEM International.

Investing your time and talents into advancing the Kingdom of God reap eternal dividends. Additionally, giving of yourself is something that will also bring immense joy – which is a fruit of the Spirit – in your life today. (Galatians 5:22). LLEM International has many available volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and faiths. LLEM does not discriminate based on religion, gender or sexual orientation.