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LLEM Mission Ambassadors: The perfect storytellers for a growing, thriving organization.

If you are currently an LLEM Ambassador, you know our organization, mission, goals, and values. But maybe you are not familiar with the role ambassadors can play in helping LLEM grow. This will explain the role ambassadors can play in helping LLEM thrive.

All LLEM International ambassadors have one thing in common: They believe in the mission, goals, and values of the organization they represent, and they’re willing to share about it with others.

LLEM Ambassadors come from all walks of life. The one thing they have in common is a love for helping some of the world’s most economically disadvantaged men, women, and children. Ambassadors are important field representatives. They enjoy talking about why they believe in LLEM’s mission and why they care so much about helping poor Nigerians.

Who can be an LLEM mission ambassador? Anyone who believes in the overall mission of LLEM International! That’s YOU! If you have a little time to share, you will be a great fit.

While everyone can be a mission ambassador, three key groups of people make really great ambassadors: LLEM board members, LLEM employees, and LLEM general volunteers.

Board Members: The people who sit on our nonprofit’s board already embody the values, ideals, and goals of our organization. They have the connections to not only build interest but to help the people in their networks understand our purpose. They’ll fill the tables at our fundraising events and strengthen the relationships between our organization and other community members. They are the backbone of our nonprofit organization; it’s through their outreach that we see a good amount of growth.

Employees: While employees may not have the extended networks of board members, they are inherently dedicated to the success of our nonprofit. They believe in our cause. They’re the ones actively pushing our nonprofit on toward victory. Like board members, employees share the ideals of our nonprofit, and they are working toward the same goals. It’s their passion, enthusiasm, and relentless dedication that resonate with people.

Volunteers: We value this group of ambassadors as our team of volunteers. These people show up to events and help out for no other reason than that they believe in our cause (and that’s incredible). When they have an amazing experience with our nonprofit, they won’t be shy talking about it. To truly leverage their efforts, we make sure they understand not just the goals we are working toward but how our organization was founded and why it exists. Then it’s not just about the experience they had but about the mission we’re working toward too.

How Can You Make a Difference?

  1. Social Media Guru!

Ambassadors don’t need 15,000 followers to make an impact. They just need to have an engaged group of people who are also willing to spread the news about our work. LLEM makes it easy for ambassadors to quickly share information with their followers by creating images for them to share or by providing a hashtag for an upcoming event that will prompt further engagement.

  1. Networking or Speaking Engagements

Not all of our ambassadors will feel comfortable sharing our content within their social circles. We make sure ambassadors spread our work in a way that is most comfortable for them. We allow them to represent our nonprofit at networking or fundraising events, conferences, or wherever people are engaged. The more at ease they feel, the more successfully they’ll be able to communicate our purpose and goals.

  1. Blog Posts

If ambassadors or potential ambassadors are bloggers, we invite them to share our mission with their audiences. Perhaps bloggers would like to link to our website or share our work in other ways.       Promoting LLEM in this way will help increase our presence among their networks and providing our link will get Google’s attention too.

Just as brand ambassadors vouch wholeheartedly for LLEM International, so can mission ambassadors fight for our nonprofit’s mission to be heard, understood, and adopted. Want more information about how to become an LLEM International mission ambassador? Let us  know through the below contact form.