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Many Mouths to Feed: A Food Program to End Food Scarcity Issues in Asa, Nigeria

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world in many profound ways, and Nigeria has been particularly hard hit. The pandemic has made an already dire economic situation much worse.

Recently, the executive director of LLEM International visited Nigeria and toured the communities LLEM serves. He heard stories from men and women about the day-to-day hardships they are now facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of their stories revolved around not having enough food to eat due to losing their jobs. Food insecurity issues are not new to this area, but they are now worse than ever. Hundreds of community members in Asa do not know where their next meal will come from. LLEM must immediately intervene to help these men, women, and children who are in desperate need of food assistance.

We’re calling on our international community to partner with us in some powerful ways to help hundreds of people to feed themselves and their loved ones. Access to food is a fundamental human right. No one can function without it. To hear stories (especially in the 21st century) from people who do not have enough food is heartbreaking. It is doubly heartbreaking because, especially in the United States, there is so much food waste. LLEM International remains committed to helping people gain access to food and bringing a lasting solution to desperately needy families.

LLEM International is excited to announce our new project to provide food assistance to the community of Asa, Nigeria.

Our food security project has two components:

1) Gifts of goats 2) Community Garden

Many Mouths to Feed has been developed to help men, women, and children while fulfilling God’s commandments to feed those who are suffering. Please read how the next chapter of our work will feed hearts, minds, and bodies.

Project Components

1) God and a Goat – $75

God and a Goat will provide goats to families in need. Each family selected for the program will receive two female goats and one male goat, along with training on how to care for them. New goat owners will learn how to build a raised goat shed with a slatted floor so the goats can stay clean, healthy, and safe at night. Program participants also agree to give other Asa residents goats once their female goats have kids. Giving baby goats to other community members makes this program highly sustainable, multiplies its benefits, and helps strengthen community collaboration.

Local leaders along with community volunteers will work with LLEM International to ensure the program’s success. A community committee will also interview families to determine need in order to create waiting lists for those who qualify to receive goats. Male goats will provide a family with nutritious goat meat. Female goats will produce milk for families. The milk can also be sold. Some residents may also choose to learn how to produce goat cheese for their own use and to sell.

2) Community Farm & Garden

Our initial goal is to purchase land that will be divided among Asa community members. An acre will be divided between eight families of at least five members each. Each family will take ownership of the parcel of land assigned to them and will be able to cultivate the land for approximately three years. During this time, families will agree to donate any extra food to the LLEM food bank, which will aid our food distribution program and prevent many others from experiencing hunger. Families will also be able to sell a portion of their farm produce in local markets. This will help families have a regular source of income. LLEM is also partnering with other Nigerian-based institutions to help provide farmers with eco-fertilizers to help enhance the farm yields and increase program sustainability.

Your one-time donation will support the purchase of a plot of land where community residents can plant fruits and vegetables.

We anticipate one acre of land will feed 40 people, or up to eight families of five. Our goal is to purchase 20 acres of land at a purchase price of $48,218.

Our Plan

LLEM International is heavily invested in bettering the lives of the people who live in Asa, Nigeria. Our new initiative, Many Mouths to Feed, provides families with real opportunities to support themselves. We’re committed to ending food scarcity issues in Asa, Nigeria, and in the surrounding communities. Food scarcity has always been a problem in Asa, but the global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly worsened the problem. Our Many Mouths to Feed program has two worthy goals: the purchase of farmland so people can grow their own crops and the purchase of goats to be used for milk and meat.

In phase one, we have an initial plan to purchase 20 acres of farmland for families that are in desperate need. Each acre of farmland will cost $2,410 (USD).

How many people can be fed with a one-acre purchase of land?

Forty hungry mouths. That’s how many men, women, and children will be fed. But it’s not just about feeding hungry mouths. In addition to feeding people, the purchase of farmland provides local jobs since the farmland needs to be tended to. This leads to job creation and economic empowerment.

How can you help?

We realize not everyone can afford to purchase a full acre of land. But we also know that every donation matters. At LLEM International, we’ve created several opportunities for you to feed hungry months without having to make a major financial investment.

Can’t afford to purchase a full acre of land? Here are other ways to help.

  • Purchase of two goats
  • Donation to help underwrite the purchase of garden space to support a community garden

Food Scarcity Facts for Nigeria

  1. Poverty is pervasive across the country, with 61 percent of the population estimated to live on less than a dollar a day and 69 percent living below the relative poverty line, which is set slightly higher at $1.22 per day (66,802 naira per year) (NBS 2012c).
  2. One million Nigerians are malnourished.
  3. Nigerians generally consume a starchy diet, but wealthier households can afford more nutrient-rich foods (including animal-based proteins) than poorer households. For instance, the wealthiest households consume meat, fish, and eggs an average of four days a week compared with only two days for the poorest households.

Benefits of This Farm Program

There are many benefits to providing farmland to those in need.  By participating in the LLEM International Many Mouths to Feed program 

  1. You will be providing food to many hungry families.
  2. You will be providing jobs and sustainable income for many families.
  3. You will be experiencing the joy of providing a lasting solution to a global problem, solving one of the greatest human needs.
  4. You will be rewarded greatly for your donation. Everyone who donates farmland will receive a thank you certificate from LLEM International with the details of the size of land you helped purchase. This personalized certificate will summarize the number of people your donation will help feed. This is a perfect way to showcase (at home or at your office) your commitment to helping humanity and perhaps will encourage others to donate too.

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