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In Nigeria, 1 in 4 people do not have access to clean drinking water. This is equal to roughly 57 million people.

Our story begins in a small community called Agu Na Ebere in the Imo State of Nigeria, Africa. Agu Na Ebere is populated by the Igbo tribe. The Igbo tribe is considered one of the lost tribes of Israel, and they are now connecting back to their Jewish roots. Click here to learn more.

Agu Na Ebere and the surrounding communities have been forgotten about by the Nigerian government. In addition to needing clean drinking water, these communities are in dire need of many other things, including medical care and access to good schools. Life is hard, and people do not have access to basic life necessities there.

LLEM International, Inc. is committed to improving the living conditions for the people who reside in Agu Na Ebere and Asa and the surrounding areas.

Several years ago, LLEM International brought drinking water to this poverty-stricken community in the form of a new well. Unfortunately, some community members still have to walk a long distance to get water. Many community residents, especially those from faraway rural areas, still do not have access to a clean water source. They are forced to gather water from a contaminated water source that seeps and oozes. In this rural location, water filters through the soil from beneath the surface without a defined channel and is highly polluted. We at LLEM International think that these beautiful people deserve better. Unclean drinking water causes myriad health problems and can even lead to death.

  • Dysentery
  • Salmonella
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Giardia
  • Cholera

LLEM International, as a nonprofit organization, is committed to rescuing this community by providing clean drinking water. We also are committed to providing community members with other things to improve their hard lives, including care packages to meet their hygiene needs.

Join us as we continue to help Nigerians gain access to clean water and proper hygiene.

The Agu Na Ebere Clean Water and Hygiene Project continues to:

  • Reduce the high rate of mortality due to highly contaminated water.
  • Decrease the number of cases of preventable illnesses.
  • Bring an end to plastic bottle pollution in the community.

We want to ensure that poor Nigerians don’t have to succumb to waterborne illnesses and preventable diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. We want to ensure a new generation of healthy children and young adults. But having access to clean water and hygiene items costs money, and we need your help! In July 2018 LLEM built the first of two water wells in Agu Na Ebere. Click here to watch the well construction.


1) We will bring a third well to a community near Agu Na Ebere and Asa.

2) We will continue to hand out hygiene care packages to all 6,000 residents on a regular basis, which will consist of hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, tissues, and washcloths. We will also provide women and girls with access to proper sanitary items. These hygiene care packages are especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic as these kits contain hand sanitizer and other important items. Click here to learn more.

Community members from Asa and Agu Na Ebere are so excited and proud to have LLEM on their side!

“Many people have visited us and promised many things but never came back. They come here to take a lot of pictures, but we do not see them again. That was why when LLEM people came and said they would put in a well, we did not believe them; not even His Royal Highness, our King, believed them. But they have demonstrated that they are people to be trusted. They did not have to help us or do anything for us because they do not live here, but they showed us love all the way from America. Tell me, why shouldn’t we believe them?”

Matthew 25:35 says, “I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.” Let’s make Jesus’s words come to fruition!

We encourage you to get your network involved. We can change lives and fulfill God’s promises with your help and support. Regardless of how big or small your donation might be, it can help this community to be forever changed.


1) Check out the LLEM website to learn more about our work in Nigeria and share our work with your family and friends:

2) Make a donation to the Clean Water and Hygiene Project.

Thank you for your support and for partnering with us to change lives.