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Nigerian Mission Trip 2020

Thank you for visiting the LLEM mission trip website page.  We are so excited that you want to learn more about how LLEM is impacting thousands of lives in Nigeria.

This year, we hope you will carve out time to join us on our first ever communal journey. All who travel with us will experience first-hand some of the great work we are doing in and around Nigeria.

As a participant, you’ll have a chance to actually see how your donation is being used. You will have a deeper understanding of the power of change when you partner with us.

This up-close-and-personal journey will broaden your knowledge about the wonderful people of Nigeria, along with their culture, history, food and music.

Join us on this life-affirming and life-changing adventure!

Date: November 4 –November 16, 2020

Cost: $4,200 US Dollars (Includes flight and ground costs – does NOT include passport costs, luggage fees, physician and immunization costs, or souvenirs)

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About Our Mission Trip

Our mission trip to Nigeria will not only give you a chance to see what your support of LLEM International is accomplishing, but it will change your life forever. Guaranteed!

While this trip will be heartwarming for everyone, we think it will be especially meaningful if you are already a part of the LLEM child sponsorship program. During this trip, we’ll make every effort to schedule a time where you can meet your sponsored child.

And trust us… that’s a powerful experience you’ll never want to forget! The experience of putting your faith in action is uplifting, spiritually and most importantly, it is life affirming.

 Join us! Take this special opportunity to build relationships and make a profound impact on this short journey to the heart of Nigeria.

Residents will be helped, communities will be strengthened, and lives will be changed.


Maybe you feel God leading you into something specific. Or maybe you just don’t know. Either way, we’d love to join you in the discovery as we embark on this trip.

Missions to Nigeria — I will go wherever He Leads….