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The Need to Sponsor a Nigerian Child

Africa is a great continent with rich and untapped opportunities. Unfortunately, even with vast resources available, there are still many obstacles on the continent. With so many natural resources at Africa’s disposal, the continent should be the wealthiest and most developed continent in the world. Instead, Africa is dealing with extreme poverty, hunger, and underdevelopment.

LLEM International recognizes the need to improve lives in Africa by sponsoring hundreds of children in Nigeria. The children who attend the LLEM Basic School need our help.

Why sponsor a child? It is pretty simple. We believe that sponsoring a child will help fight and eradicate extreme poverty in Nigeria and will eventually benefit the entire continent of Africa.  When a child has access to a quality education, it strengthens the child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Education is a globally recognized solution to eliminating poverty.  Education opens doors to skills, jobs, and enhanced relationships. Education helps families thrive.

One solution to ending poverty in Africa is to develop a cadre of ethical and principled leaders who are compassionate visionaries. The LLEM Basic School teaches students the importance of honesty and helping others. We empower young minds and prepare students to want to give back and help their communities. We know these children are the future of Africa, and their skills and passion will aid in her transformation. No nation has achieved constant economic development without considerable investment in human capital. Investment in human capital via job training, aptitude building, and hands-on learning is imperative for large-scale growth, and LLEM is well positioned to make this happen. We believe creating greater income equality for Africans is essential, thus our focus on closing the education achievement gap won’t stop. As educational opportunities for low-income Africans increase, many more opportunities will be at their disposal.

At LLEM, we can promote better educational opportunities via child sponsorship. Sponsored students attend the LLEM Basic School and have access to books, talented teachers, and other important learning tools.

In addition to our child sponsorship program, we also are trying to create more economic opportunities for our communities via a new farming program. In this program, community residents learn to grow crops using both modern and traditional farming methods. Once our farming program takes off, residents will have more food for themselves and for their families, and they will be positioned to earn income by selling the food they grow. This is one more way LLEM hopes to better lives in Nigeria.

There is no better time than now to invest in the future of African children!

Are you wondering how you can help sponsor a child? We have a monthly sponsorship program where you can make contributions every month to sponsor a child. Sponsorship provides these students with food, clothing, and access to proper medical care.

You can choose to sponsor an older child or a younger child; the choice is yours. Your sponsorship will help elevate a child and provide them with a better future while creating a Nigeria that will make us all proud.

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