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Message From Agu Na Ebere Resident by Mr Chidiebere

A resident of Nigeria shares their story of surviving during the pandemic. They give blessings to LLEM International for the work they have done that has helped many people. This is the original submission with light edits.

“LLEM International has always demonstrated love in a very profound way, especially during this season of coronavirus. Through the effort of this great organization, our villagers have been helped. Our old mothers did not die of starvation during this time when everybody was asked to seat at home and die.

The government asked us to seat at home but did not care to know what that could mean for us. They did not care to provide any form of help to the old and nursing mothers. During the lockdown, everything became so expensive because people were not willing to sell, and not only that, they were asked not to sell anything. How did they want us to survive? I cannot remember any single thing that the government has done for us in this community. They did not give us good roads, electricity, clean water—anything. I ask myself; what kind of country is this? But I thank God for LLEM.

LLEM has helped our children. Almost every child in this community has received help from the organization.

1. They encourage our children to go to school and be better people.

2. They provide us with free Bible study materials.

3. They provide gifts and school materials for the children of this community.

4. During this coronavirus pandemic, they supplied food to a lot of people, especially the old people and single mothers.

5. They even shared money with many children to help them and their families. Who does that if not sent by God?

6. The well they built here in our community has been a lifesaver. Without this well, what would we do? Who do we run to for help?

That is why we love this Christian organization. Remember, not all people that claim to be Christians are real Christians. I feel that this organization’s people are the real Christians because they do not lie. They do what they promise. They teach us how a Bible-believing person should live, and many people like them in our community.

As I said, not many people that claim to be Christians are real Christians. Many people have visited us and promised many things but never came back. They come here to take a lot of pictures, but we do not see them come back. That was why when LLEM people came and said they would put in a well, we did not believe them; not even His Royal Highness, our King, believed them. But they have demonstrated that they are people to be trusted. They did not have to help us or do anything for us because they do not live here, but they showed us love all the way from America. Tell me, why shouldn’t we believe them?

We are thankful, and we pray that they will prosper. The King has blessed them, and they shall remain blessed. We want them to continue because God sent them to help us. God will always send somebody to us. God has sent LLEM to help us.”