According to the New York Times there are more and more candidates running for a variety of offices as socialists. They are, of course, running underneath the Democratic Party ticket, and there’ve been many of them over time. It is just that these days they’re admitting that that they’re socialists. That they wouldn’t hide their real affiliation is a testimony to our nation’s condition.

The New York Times adds that Millennials are much more receptive to socialism because of factors such as high student debt, pay equality, high rent, and uncertain job market. Interesting how Millennials blame capitalism for what socialism created, yet the trend toward socialism has arrived.

The New York Times also reported that Trump’s election convinced a multitude of people that both parties were broken, and the country seriously needed a radical fix. The New York Times says that young people are turning to socialism. A Harvard Institute of Politics survey of 18 to 29-year-olds in 2016 ‘found that 16% identified as socialists, whereas 33% were in support of socialism.’ Some 51 percent stated they didn’t support capitalism.

Even Christians believe in socialism, and cited Acts 2:44. There’s a big difference between voluntarily sharing what you have and being forced to share by the government.

Socialism has roots in communism. Communist Manifesto mandates that all morals and religion be abolished, and that government should replace God. All money gets redistributed in order for everyone to have the same—all people would be mandated to pay for the wages, rent, health-care, and student loans of others.

It’s a far cry from the blessings of voluntarily sharing with other people.

Read the 1st commandment, (Exodus 20:1) that discusses having no other gods before God.

This includes government. Man isn’t smarter than God. Young folks would be smart to heed this advice