I don’t know any magic tricks. I don’t know how to pull a rabbit from a hat, or how to saw a body in half, but I do believe that all of us have the power to make global poverty disappear. Perhaps not overnight, but in our lifetimes we can achieve so much. We can all play a role in alleviating the suffering of God’s children.

I founded LLEM International to minister to the world’s most destitute people. And I’m committed to helping those who cannot help themselves lead better lives. Let me share what motivated me to found LLEM and work to change lives.

As a young boy growing up in Nigeria, I saw many instances of people needing some magic in their lives to improve their living situations. I witnessed so much suffering and misery. I witnessed people who didn’t have access to things we take for granted, including access to clean water, nutritious food and medical supplies. Even as a young boy, I didn’t understand how the government of Nigeria could allow its citizens to live under such poor conditions. Why was my own government unable to provide people in my community with basic needs? As I got older, I started to realize the role government corruption played in Nigeria and I knew something had to be done. The ministry was loudly calling and I wanted to be able to answer.

It’s not easy being poor anywhere in the world. But it’s significantly harder to be poor in countries where the poor have to face repeated instances of government corruption. Poor Nigerians make up more than 40% of the 179 million people who call Nigeria home. Sadly, 41% of all Nigerians consider Nigeria’s health and medical services to be very corrupt. Even the Nigerian military isn’t exempt from corruption. It scored a very poor E grade (on a scale of A to F) in the last Transparency International UK Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index.

But despite high levels of government corruption, things are being done to try to minimize its impact. There are strong nationwide calls for the current government to create stronger anti-corruption legislation. But until this happens, organizations like LLEM must work to give poor families and orphans better lives. It’s our obligation.

As the Executive Director of LLEM International, I’m 100% committed to making sure the funds that we raise go straight to the people who need it most. In fact, I recently returned from a week-long trip to Nigeria where I lined up some very strong partners who are a part of the religious community. They will partner with us to make sure that that all monies we raise go directly into the hands of the most destitute. One way we will do this is through our new  Sponsor a Child program in partnership with the Rod & Staff Missionary School located in Asa, Nigeria.

This strong partnership will give schoolchildren access to new desks, books and school uniforms and it will feed hungry mouths. Donations will also be used to create a shade structure so children have an optimal learning environment away from the glaring sun.

Please help me make some magic in these young lives. Take these three actions and you can make global poverty begin to disappear.

Check out the new LLEM website at www.lleminternational.com. Look at our new “Sponsor a Child” program and sign up to enter a child’s life. For a small monthly donation, you can be a life changer.
Tell others you know about LLEM and encourage them to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

Thank you for partnering in Christ to save lives and fulfill souls. Let’s make magic happen!