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What Does LLEM International Mean To You? — Samantha Carroll

In order for me to tell you what LLEM International means to me, I need to tell you a little bit about myself and how I became acquainted with LLEM.

I, Samantha, have never really been a religious person. I have always believed that there is some type of “Higher Power,” but I didn’t really believe that there is “A God.” In July I was injured at work. I had been out of work for four months when I was given the opportunity to volunteer at LLEM International through a program, that helps individuals return to work sooner.   My employer contacted me to inform me of the program and to let me know that I would be contacted by the program director. Soon after being contacted by my employer, I was contacted by the program director with this opportunity to volunteer at LLEM International. I was hesitant at first because the organization is religion based and is farther from my home than I would have liked. I came to the office to meet with LoveGod Enyinna, CEO and Founder of LLEM, and to see if I would be a good fit. At the end of the meeting I had decided that I would give it a chance. I began to volunteer with LoveGod on December 02, 2019 and was given information on LLEM International so I would have better knowledge of the organization. As I have read the information packets and spoken with LoveGod throughout the time I’ve spent here, I learn more and more about LLEM. I have also learned that I was opening up to possibilities and noticing subtle changes in myself and my life. I am not feeling so much stress from life and I am sleeping more sound and not awakening as often during the night.

My First Week Task at LLEM

LoveGod gave me pamphlets to read, so that I may learn some more about LLEM. I was also assigned the task of putting his writings into the computer. As the first week had passed and I was putting more of his writings into the computer, LoveGod showed me videos of their mission to Africa.  He broke up my days with other tasks, such as transferring information from one application to a spreadsheet and renaming files of the children’s letters and their sponsor to the name of the child who had written the letter. In everything that I have been doing I have been learning new things.

What LLEM means to me

LLEM means guidance in the lives of others around them and around the world. LLEM means providing the children and communities living in poverty with basic necessities needed. With their partners and sponsors they were able to build a well in the community of Agu Na Ebere, in Nigeria. They are also able to provide shelter, clothing, food, and education, so living and surviving in their world may be a bit simpler. LLEM means that these children and their communities will have new opportunities. With an education and the sponsorship, the children learn that there are people throughout the world that care, which helps the children build self-esteem. With self-esteem, knowledge, hard work, LLEM and their sponsors, and God’s will, the community will have that chance to start to build a better world for themselves and future generations. LLEM, to me, means that someday, these communities will be able to give to others.

LLEM reaches out to people in Africa, Europe and the United States in all kinds of ways; through the church and the teachings of God and Jesus Christ, through pamphlets and videos, their online Bible College, and by supporting a school in a small community of about 6,000 in Nigeria. LLEM provides the community with the knowledge of God’s love and kindness, and with the support and encouragement the children desperately need. Their sponsors and volunteers give these to the children as well. The more support and encouragement that the children and the whole community receives, the greater the possibility there is for more children of this community to receive an education. This allows these children a better opportunity to prosper. All that has been given to and received by this community is greatly appreciated by all.

LLEM means the giving of one’s self to another. There is goodness, hope, and faith out there, and there are kind, generous people who share all that and more. Those people are willing and do find a way to help support others who are less fortunate, even if they are somewhere else on this earth. LLEM means I have a chance to learn to better myself, so that I can become a better person and live a better life. LLEM means the opening of mind and spirit, to begin to learn and really understand all that is out there.

Pastor LoveGod Enyinna

A true believer in God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.

A true follower of the teachings and principles of the Lord God.

A seeker of the global love of God, and the kindness of others to alleviate human suffering around the world.



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